Friday, June 1, 2007

Tools: SketchBOARD V2.0 Beta

Does this situations seem familiar. Your on the phone, working with an artist over 500 miles away and reviewing an image that was created for you on your desktop and your trying to describe how you want to slightly move a portion of the image.

It not only makes you want to pull your hair out but rethink why your in the creative industry anyway. Well we just reviewed SketchBoard with ad agency creatives an actual jobs and we must say this web application goes beyond everyone’s expectations. It not only solves issues associated with working remotely but actually makes the work process better than the artist being there.

Lets break it down. First the image it is uploaded into the application so it may be seen by anyone with the right username and password. Then using your mouse, or better yet a Wacom pen, it allows you to draw, erase and add text directly over the image in real time. Heres the part we like, everyone else that has the username and password can also draw on the image as well so if you want you could have a online drawing party of sorts. Instant real time collaboration between the several people online. We like that. Did we also fail to mention that it operates in Flash so it isn’t dependant on your IT department downloading for you, it works on every browser that has Flash installed which according to Adobe is over 98% of the online world.

To see and learn how SketchBoard could be used by your agency or production company contact Khue at Interactive Art Services Inc. 818.842.0800 ext. 103

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