Friday, June 1, 2007

Video: iPhone goes viral with 3D apes

By Scott Ownbey

Viral Medium has launched a viral campaign promoting the Iphone with a challenge to guerilla filmmakers to create a better viral video. The winner will get $15,000 in promotions and a chance to sign with Viral Medium as an film director. The winner will be selected by online viewers. Animatic Media was tapped by Viral Medium for the spot that features 3-D apes and the yet to be released Apple iPhone.

Viral Medium wanted a seamless look between two different films and newly created CGI. “To match the look of the actual footage, I added Magic Bullets Look Suite to bring down some of the brightness, added some noise to get the same grainy look, adjusted the levels and the gamma. All helped to add to the age of the film.” says Anthony Porco, VFX Coordinator at Animatic Media.

“It’s edited in a style that pays homage to the great sci-fi movies of yesterday, including Planet of the Apes and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, so the pacing, modeling and movement of the apes was critical” remarks Lead Animator, Isaac Kalsky.

“We shoot video of ourselves acting like apes as reference for 3-D animation. This really helped in re-creating subtle life-like nuisances” continued Kalsky.

The iphone campaign
is available for viewing at

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