Friday, June 1, 2007

Style of the Month: Digital Urban

Nathans Lumm’s work (see samples slide show here) can be as varied and reflective as his diverse past - from growing up as an Air force brat to his self taught days of painting dynamic explosions of color in the computer for comic books.

“Right now, I'd say a lot of my inspiration comes from life. There have been some losses in my life that have really affected me,” explains 32 year old artist Nathan Lumm. “It really makes me stop and think about how wonderful life really is, where even the smallest thing can be the most beautiful.”

Currently based in Fort Lauderdale, Lumm keeps busy with commercial assignments from Storyboards Online and Animatic Media. Continually developing new and exciting illustrative styles isn’t the only creative outlet for Lumm who started painting seriously about three years ago. “I am currently a part of a traveling art show called Gimme Shelter. It's a charity show, for the National Coalition for the Homeless, where all the work is done on cardboard. :

“As an artist it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. To me it's all about trying not to be like anyone else. Just do“you”.

Nathan Lumm is available for commercial
assigments at Storyboards Online.
Contact Alex 954.462.4000

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