Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raftis produces music video, album in spare time

Aviary Ghost - "The Brain is a House" from Aviary Ghost on Vimeo.

Nicholas Raftis has the ability to do what most desire, but few actually achieve - the ability to blend hobby and profession.

The Storyboards Online After Effects Animator/Music/Sound Designer recently filmed and helped edit the first music video for indie rock band, Aviary Ghost (www.aviaryghost.com).

Raftis flew to Bloominton, Indiana to shoot the video for long time friend and Aviary Ghost band member, Steve Kemsley.

“We filmed all of it in one day. Steve (one of the band members) edited it over the following two weeks and then sent the files to me. I spent another three weeks doing color correction and perfecting the details,” said Raftis.

This was a role-reversal for him, as he is used to setting his own music to pre-existing videos.

In addition to this project, Raftis also creates his own music in his spare time with another long time friend, Omar Jon Ajiluni.

“We have a collaborative music project as well under the name Sun Room Generator. Our first album for the project is coming to an end, and it’s coming out truly great. We will be pitching it to labels within the coming months,” said Raftis.

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