Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Art exhibit brings colors to life better than your best clothing detergent

IAS artist Alex Aguilar’s second art show in three months, “Palette,” will begin on September 29 at Top of The Citi, Le Souffle Citibank Tower, in Makati City. He is co-hosting the show with fellow IAS artist Samuel Donato.

“Palette,” as you may imagine, showcases an array of colorful pieces.

Melody De Jesus, a project manager in IAS’ Manila studio, had this to say of the exhibit:

“With all the economic downfall, global warming, chaos around the world, negative vibes and depressing news, the artists turn the black and white world of the present into a colorful world of hope, love and prosperity.

Each of these artists has brought us into their minds and what they see – creating beautiful artworks that will bring light to your home. Their palettes are pleasing to the eye with warm colors that are rich and meaningful.”

Aguilar is known for his neo-realistic rendering of juxtaposed figurations. Aguilar has hosted numerous exhibits in the last few years and he hosted his first solo exhibit, “Incongruities,” in August. Alex has worked as a penciler IAS since February 2007. He was hired on at IAS after winning the Lead Slinger Challenge in the 2006 Philippine Comic Convention.

This will be Donato’s first time hosting an exhibit and he is excited to promote his own masterpieces aside from the drawings and storyboards he does at IAS. Donato came to IAS after attaining a degree in Fine Arts from FarEastern University and working as a digital artist, designer, and painter on a freelance basis.

The exhibit will run from Sept. 29 to Oct. 30. For more information about IAS and our artists, shoot me an email at jenny@storyboardsonline.com.

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