Thursday, September 4, 2008

MechTechs avatars get first view of humans

After months of only seeing giant robots (mechas), the MechTechs avatars are getting to see humans this week. So far, the transition has been smooth for both the avatars and the humans.

CEO Scott Ownbey and CIO Antolin Partidas took a trip to the west coast this week to give attendees at the Virtual World Expo in L.A. a sneak preview of the latest developments in the MechTechs virtual world. Khue Jacobs and Jason Van Winkle from the L.A. office joined Scott and Antolin to present the MechTechs world.

The final version of the site, to be released in October, will allow manga fans to use the latest virtual 2.5 and 2.0 technologies to create customized comics. Fans will be able to insert their mangatars into expansive, predesigned comic page templates with themes similar to those of other popular comics.

“The backgrounds are rendered to look more realistic and more like an anime movie. It’s not like a typical 2.5 world where the views are mostly overhead, it shows more of the whole environment and gives a more immersive experience,” said Scott Ownbey, Creative Director of and CEO of ShanghaiPop Interactive.

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