Friday, July 2, 2010

Such a Flap over Flake

Happy Friday!

The last few weeks has seen Flake, the Cadbury's chocolate bar, hit the headlines of Creative Review, Campaign and Brand Republic surrounding the its new advertising direction. Fallon recently created the 'Unfold a Flake' TV spot, featuring a woman in a floaty yellow dress transforming into a flake bar (watch it here). Although it was nicely shot - very fashion/arty - it received a lot of criticism, claiming more women would probably be interested in the dress itself than the Flake. Eep!

Quite a while ago we produced this visual very similar to the Flake ad - it featured a woman floating in a yellow dress... although, nothing near as frilly as Fallon used!!

We were also quite chuckled by the unreleased Flake ad produced by Saatchis, featuring a dancing devil and innocent 'virginal' women seductively eating Flake bars! Sadly Brand Republic had to remove it for legal reasons (see here) - haha probably a good thing too!

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