Monday, June 21, 2010

Nature Sweet "Pampered Tomatoes"

A month or so ago, when the sun first started coming out, I had this urge to grow some plants and decided to go for moneymaker tomatoes. What I assumed would be one or two plants, has in fact turned into an army of around eighteen(!) - currently 2ft tall and still growing!

I admit, tomatoes are pretty easy to grow and need little more than a good water and sunlight. However, I'm starting to worry if I will turn red by the end of the summer, having consumed so many of them!

Anyway, at the end of last year we produce a really beautiful 30” 3D animatic for US tomato producers, Nature Sweet. It's of a cute, animated plant growing and loving its single tomato - even sheltering it from the storm! Here it is:

I just looked on youtube and found the final TV version of the ad. It's so well produced! Awww I wonder if my plants will do the same?

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