Monday, March 16, 2009

Ad Industry Stimulus Plan: A Bailout for Stressed Testing Budgets

It’s no secret that budgets are tight.

And unfortunately for advertisers and marketers, their budgets are often the first to be classified as “expenses” or “non-revenue generating” during hard economic times.

That’s why Animatic Media, a full-service animation studio based in Miami, with satellite offices in Burbank, CA and the UK, has stepped forward with a bailout for stressed ad agencies and their clients.

“We don’t want to let clients suffer through this period, so we are offering more value for their dollar by giving them 2-for-1 pricing on their animatics and deep discounts on the most popular styles of storyboard frames,” said Scott Ownbey, CEO of Animatic Media.

This offering will help clients with shrunken advertising budgets avoid a recession disappearance.

As history has shown, companies that continue to advertise during recessions come out much stronger than those that slash advertising budgets all together. In 2001, aggressive recession advertisers were rewarded with an increased market share 2.5 times that of average businesses post-recession.

Animatic Media’s stimulus plan for the ad industry will allow agencies and clients to remain competitive in the recession advertising space while still accommodating recession-sized advertising and marketing budgets.

“Before the recession set in, average test spot budgets were $15,000 per animatic. For a limited-time, we’re accommodating the pinch that many are feeling by offering full-up, 30-second animatics, including some 3-D, for $6,900 - $7,500,” said Ownbey.

In addition to test spots, Animatic Media’s services can also be used by infomercial producers looking for a quick way to create quality animations and videos for demonstrations. Storyboards Online is offering stimulus pricing for as low as $49.95 on loose color storyboard frames and as low as $34.95 per frame for loose black and white frames.

This offer will expire May 31st, 2009. Click here or call 954-462-4000 today to take advantage of Animatic Media’s Ad Industry Stimulus Plan.

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