Friday, August 8, 2008

IAS promotes MechTechs at Comic Con 2008

This week I talked with the IAS crew that recently went to Comic Con 2008 in San Diego to promote MechTechs. Here’s what they had to say:

On promoting a comic book series at Comic Con..

“It was pretty overwhelming at first with so many different things going on. We managed to find an area where people were checking out mecha-type story lines though. There’s no other place where you can meet with retailers, distributors and fans alike to get feedback.” – Scott Ownbey, IAS CEO and MechTechs Creative Director

On the response from the crowd…

“When we talked to the publishers, everyone was really eager to see it.” – Khue Jacobs, Managing Director, L.A. studio

On the changes at the convention during the past few years…

“During the past couple of years the focus has shifted from comics to movie studios promoting Sci-fi or whatever movie is coming out.” – Jason Van Winkle, Creative Director, L.A. studio

On the New York Comic Con in February 2009…

“I’m excited to have a copy of MechTechs to actually show people. Once they see the artwork and the first issue, I think they’ll really get excited.” – Jason

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