Friday, July 11, 2008

Raftis' video featured in exhibition, music video in the works

Nicholas Raftis' recent dream-inspired collaboration was featured in an art exhibition in LA from May 10-June 14.

The DREAM(land) exhibition was held at The Jail Gallery in Chinatown LA. Rafitis collaborated with his long-time girlfriend, Jiae Hwang, to produce a video titled "Aperture."

The video allowed him to combine his audio editing talents with Hwang's drawing, design and layout abilities.

"If I am left to my own devices, I typically explore entirely abstract and experimental music-driven animation. But when Jiae and I work together, we usually find more magical inspiration," said Raftis.

Raftis has worked at IAS for just over a year now as an After Effects Animator/Music/Sound Designer. He is currently in Indiana filming a music video for the indy rock band, Aviary Ghost.

"We have some great works in planning right now, and you can be sure that you will hear a lot more from us soon," said Raftis.

To watch "Aperture," visit and go to the videos page. Check back for more updates on the Raftis' music video.

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