Friday, July 18, 2008

IAS artist hosts “Incongruities” exhibition

At first glance, “Incongruities” hardly seems like a healthy title for an art exhibition being hosted by a married couple.

However, for IAS artist Alex Aguilar and his wife Daphne, the title of the painting exhibit they’re currently hosting at the Mag:net Gallery in Makiti City has a deeper meaning.

“‘Incongruities’ deals more with our current state of being, both as individuals and as a married couple. It is my way of acknowledging that with the things that we both encounter on a day-to-day basis, we’re bound to disagree on a thing or two,” said Alex.

The title of the exhibition was derived from the couple’s inability to decide on a theme. Rather than a consistent theme, the exhibition is a combination of the personal selections of Alex and Daphne.

Alex has worked as a penciler IAS since February 2007. He was hired on at IAS after winning the Lead Slinger Challenge in the 2006 Philippine Comic Convention.

The exhibit will run through August 12. For more information on the exhibit, email or check out the gallery’s website at:

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